Origin: Eindhoven, Netherlands

The “Syzygy” ‘clock’ takes the initial concept of a light inspired by the sun and celestial bodies, and incorporates the added advantage of a light that reacts in real time to the changing light conditions of the environment. A small computer within the clock is responsible for reading the available light within the space it is placed within, but also works in combination with our idea of time: the ‘clock’ compensates in regard to the time of day. The afternoon is a flood of light and we require far less from artificial sources then in the evening or night, so the clock emits far less or nothing at all respectively, and if for example to find yourself under a storm cloud the “Syzygy” clock has light in reserve to help you through this dark period. The final result is to bring the natural phenomena of the suns ability to cast light upon our world but then to bring it down to the human scale, working in combination with our new human rhythm, which is a result of the invention of the light bulb. A world, which can continue long after the sun has set for another day, our world post artificial light.

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