Origin: Amsterdam, Netherlands

With “Still Life” series Mirka Laura Severa poses questions, however, instead of delivering answers, she delegates them towards the viewer. Dr. Jens-Ole Rey writes that it is our modern, neo-capitalist society as a whole which is to be scrutinised critically, as it is primarily marked by one feature: excessive consumption. Severa does not depict highly-priced consumer goods although the works do remind the advertisments of luxury brands. “Advertisement is the art of persuasion. And persuasion is the process of ultimately regarding the advertising message to be true. By comparing this truth with one’s own experiences and emotions, the viewer can decide whether to accept it or to reject it. The combination of luxury goods with prostheses creates a severe disturbance on familiar ground. Immediately, questions are imposed on the viewer: “Which/What is the product?” and also “Who is the product?”” writes Jens-Ole Rey.

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