Origin: Eindhoven, The Netherlands

“Parts” is the result of investigating ways in which we can breathe life into the often-monotonous skins of products. It is a bench made from polyester yarns using a CNC-tufting machine. The material shows dual qualities — the length of the yarn reflects the light but the ends absorb it. This tension and interaction results in a rich and versatile skin.

The surface of the bench can be very soft and quiet, showing only subtle nuances of the blue but it can come to life and reflect light when placed in the sun. There is a direct relation between the material and the shape as the characteristics of the yarn guided the form; the bench has a rounded seat in order the help the yarns fall open and create a clear separation line where the light is absorbed. From here on the yarns fall down as a kind of waterfall and as soon as they reach the floor they blend with the horizontal surface.

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