The entrance to the Cave of Lascaux in the Vézère Valley of France stands as the
doorway to a touchstone of culture. Within this darkened space lies the idea of the birth of civilization, where many thousands of years ago, primitive people created the first cave drawings.

Adam Fuss’ image is centered on the notion of the womb: a dark yet safe and protected cave-like space. The womb could not, in fact, be photographed, because it is more an idea than tangible “thing”—an unlit, arcane space. “Home and The World” is a result of the artist’s desire to capture an elusive capacity, and ending up depicting the doorway to an unfathomable place of creation.

Medium: 28 h x 24 w in

Dimensions: Daguerreotype

  • Nº 12 “HOME AND THE WORLD”, 2010
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