This limited edition item, produced in collaboration with Maharam, extends Studio Job’s 2008 range of Indian rosewood furniture inlaid with bucolic motifs in vivid laser cut marquetry. As with the Bavaria furniture, which features a dense assemblage of livestock, crops, implements, and transport in flattened perspective, the “Naughty Bavaria Pillow” brims with farmland imagery, in a highly detailed jacquard construction depicting lush pear trees and plump piglets—everything down to the flies. It is remarkable for its breadth of color and illustrative clarity. There’s almost too much detail: unlike the original pattern, this naughty version—designed for the occasion of Klaus Rohleder’s birthday, the director of the eponym German weaving mill—is an irreverent take on plentiful rural scenery and plays on the impressive intricateness by including less-than-wholesome imagery. The collaboration challenged conventional ideas of what can be achieved on the loom, and the pleasures of luxury fabric.


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