“I like to think of my works as a kind of a sketchy model. A painting is a piece of matter – raw data; so in the end, What You See Is What You Get. It’s up to you, what gain would you draw from the strange artifact – the work of art. When we consider their usability, we could count works of art as members of the same class of objects as decorative globes: furniture for intellectual fitness,” writes Tymek Borowski. “Material Mind” portrays the complicated structure of the human brain, consisting of many, partially autonomous chunks. The messy network has no center or clear hierarchy. Its segments compete with each other, establishing a dynamic balance. The result is an incoherent, fuzzy phenomena, perceived from the distance as a ‘person.’

Borowski explains: “When I think about a given, complex problem – especially when this thinking detours to the abstract, Platonic ideas – I like to have a look at this kind of dense, complicated matter and remind myself: this is how it really looks like. Reality is made of atoms, not words.”

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