Origin: London, United Kingdom

“Cruise: Blue3/Blue 9” was made by applying a custom weaving technique to specially developed silicone cord. The rug is entirely handmade, developed closely with silicone experts in the heart of England’s historic weaving industry and woven by hand in London. It is a versatile outdoor/indoor flooring solution that is UV resistant, waterproof, easy to clean, non-slip, extremely durable, and requires no underlays. “Our aim is to make high performance materials useful in a domestic setting, to create an object that is both super-functional yet also highly aesthetic in a way that resonates with both its material and its historical context,” state Loui Rigano and Gil Muller. Rugs are a fundamental aspect of the domestic interior. They are almost architectural in nature, having the power to transform a space completely. Garnering a very high domestic value, they signify luxury and wealth perhaps more than any other object. Embedded in this history and tradition is a rigid vernacular, comprised of a very limited range of acceptable materials and techniques. “Cruise: Blue3/Blue 9” breaks free from this traditional rug vernacular, yet still sits assuredly in the domestic context.

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