Loewe Foundation Craft Prize
May 30 — June 6, 2017
May 30 — June 6, 2017

Chamber is honored to host Loewe Foundation Craft Prize exhibition of 26 finalists at the gallery May 30 through June 6, 2017.

The 26 finalists were selected by a panel of experts from close to 4,000 submissions by artisans representing a broad array of crafts and more than 75 countries on five continents. The annual Loewe Craft Prize was launched by the LOEWE Foundation in 2016.

The LOEWE Craft Prize Trophy. Designed by Alex Brogden.

Launched by the Loewe Foundation in 2016, the Loewe Craft Prize is a celebration of these long-standing values in their contemporary form.

Featuring the 26 nominees, this touring exhibition reflects the merits of modern craftsmanship. The imagination, diversity, and techniques on display all attest to the crucial role artisans have in the ongoing construction of cultural heritage.

Founded as a collective craft workshop in 1846, Loewe has maintained an unwavering commitment to traditional techniques and state of the art technologies without neglecting artisanal excellence. It is an enduring vision that has steered the house across three separate centuries.

The Loewe Foundation has sought to expand upon these values through its patronage of poetry, dance, music, architecture, photography, design and craftsmanship for the past three decades.

Today, the inaugural Loewe Craft Prize takes this longstanding vision one step further. This celebration of craftsmanship form the essence of the house’s heritage, but it also encapsulates a much larger story – one that weaves through humanity’s shared past, present, and future.


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