Just What Is It
October 28 — December 3, 2016
October 28 — December 3, 2016

Matylda Krzykowski, Chamber’s third curator places objects in a space, creating a collage of contemporary works in real life.

“The request to make a choice of one hundred items for a gallery show is like collecting one hundred potential fragments for a collage.” – Matylda Krzykowski

Matylda Krzykowski - This is Today - Exhibitions - Chamber Gallery

Matylda Krzykowski

Matylda Krzykowski is a designer and curator, focusing on collaborative and performative projects. Krzykowski’s work is introspective, as it explores and experiments with the inner mechanisms of design. As such, her projects dissect the design process to its different stages – from material and personal origins, to methodologies and education; from network and politics to social projections, and the spectrum in between. With a strong perspective on design as a discipline of communication, her work within these questions explores not only content but also form, for which interdisciplinary links are made. Among others, her tools of exploration have included Choreography, Reportage, TV game shows, and innovative exhibitions, panels and workshops.

Named after the iconic 1956 artwork by Richard Hamilton, “Just what is it that makes today’s homes so different, so appealing?”, “Just What Is It” at Chamber explores groups


Just What Is It, Part 1 - Exhibitions - Chamber Gallery

Installation View. photo: Lauren Coleman

of objects that are possibly as desirable now as the items featured prominently in Hamilton’s work were half a century ago, at the dawn of the modern consumer age. Hamilton pasted images onto a page, and Krzykowski places objects in a space, creating a collage of contemporary works in real life.

Many of the works on view center around colliding ideas of functional object and sculpture.

Domestic sculptures, surrealist lights, abstract shapes, foldable structures, informative paintings, architectural templates, aesthetic games and beyond.



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