Human | Nature
October 6 — May 19, 2016
October 6 — May 19, 2016

“The items in Collection #2 range from a 150 million year old dinosaur fossil to contemporary commissions created exclusively for Chamber.” – Andrew Zuckerman


Andrew Zuckerman - Curator - Chamber GalleryCollection #2 “Human | Nature” investigates the theme of how the natural world interacts with man’s living environment. Andrew Zuckerman sought out objects that utilized or echoed materials, forms and rhythms found in the natural world.

The collection explores how nature interacts with the built environment and investigates how objects have a transformative effect on our lives.

The collection evolves throughout the year as a living, every-changing presentation of rare and unusual artifacts.

About The Curator:


Andrew Zuckerman, Chamber’s second curator brings in an international community of creatives, whose work reflect a deep connection to nature.

Andrew Zuckerman is an American photographer and filmmaker, whose multi-disciplinary practice spans photography, narrative, documentary, and conceptual film. Zuckerman has been deeply invested in an exploration of the natural world. Since 2007, he has produced a body of work that encompasses over 500 species of birds, animals, and plant life.




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