Design Miami 2015
December 2 — December 7, 2015
December 2 — December 7, 2015
Black Gold Installation View - Design Miami 2015 - Exhibitions - Chamber Gallery

Black Gold, A project by Quintus Kropholler

Each piece is thought of as an architectural expression of its particular function, derived from the geometries of the sphere, the cube, the cylinder and the pyramid.

“Black Gold,” a project by Quintus Kropholler is a first solo exhibition for Chamber at Design Miami. Through “Black Gold” Quintus Kropholler explores new and unconventional uses of asphalt, a material often overlooked in our everyday lives. From one piece to the next, there is variation in color and texture due to the shift in the constituent stones and the cutting and polishing of various surfaces. In ancient times as in the present, one of the primary sources of the oil used for the production of bitumen and asphalt was the Near East. With the use of oil as a source of energy in modern times, however, there has been a shift in the commodity value of oil, as it has become a precious substance often referred to as “black gold.”



Black Gold Installation View - Design Miami 2015 - Exhibitions - Chamber Gallery 2

Installation View

Asphalt, an amalgam of stone and bitumen, retains its ubiquity as an essential constituent of our urban fabric. Even in our technologically driven society, it has remained largely unchanged, and its beauty and potential have been unseen. With “Black Gold” Quintus Kropholler literally breaks open the ground beneath our feet to reveal its inner beauty.



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