For more than four centuries since its foundation in 1747, Porzellan
Manufaktur Nymphenburg has been the porcelain manufactory of the
Bavarian crown. Withstanding the test of time, Nymphenburg
maintains a global reputation in the porcelain arts for never having
deviated from their original production techniques that have been
passed on and preserved from generation to generation. Porcela in
became a highly sought-after commodity during the Baroque period,
but at the time, it was only produced in China, arriving in Europe in
1712 when a French Jesuit missionary returned from the Far East and
published the secrets of Chinese porcelain manufacturing. At
Nymphenburg, each porcelain object, figure and service is completely
handmade, ensuring the fineness, subtlety, and gentle, fragile nature
of the company’s name and products. In the spirit of the company’s
early beginnings, today, Nymphenburg collaborates with
internationally recognized artists and designers, who now produce
innovative creations for contemporary porcelain design, yet still create
each individual item by hand. Since the company’sinception 260 years
ago, Nymphenburg products have received countless awards and
recognitions, and have been featured in many of the world’s great art
collections and museums, including New York’s Museum of Modern Art
(MoMA), the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, the Fondation Nationa
le, Paris, and the Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien.


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