As a child growing up in the Bronx, New York, a young Lawrence
Forcella once discovered a large, dead stag beetle in a friend’s
driveway. This huge, fascinating, impressive beetle marked the
beginning of a five-year-old child’s innocent collection—a
collection that has grown into a life-long, passionate pursuit and
careful curation of hundreds of thousands of insect specimens.
Today, Lawrence Forcella is a commercial entomologist and
educator, having built a professional life around his love of
collecting. He founded God of Insects, a web-based company
specializing in arthropod specimen acquisition, preservation,
presentation, sale, and trade of both living and dead specimens,
and also created the Entomology Department at the Evolution Store
in New York City. Forcella serves as an adjunct professor
teaching entomology at a community college and a nature
educator at an elementary school in Hastings-on-Hudson, New
York, where he lives and works. His love of collecting t spans all
manner of natural history objects, including fossils, seashells,
skulls, and other curiosities.


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