Based in Copenhagen, the design group KiBiSi brings together the
brainpower of the founding members of (Ki) Kilo Design, (Bi) BIG
Architecture, and (Si) Skibsted Ideation, creating one of the most
innovative and influential design groups in Scandinavia today. Kilo
Design founder, Lars Larsen, is an industrial designer with a
straightforward approach to design, focusing on the contemporary
notion of high and low — art vs. street, fashion house vs. workshop.
Bjarke Ingels of BIG Architecture moves beyond the traditional
boundaries of the built environment with his thought-provoking,
debate-inspiring architectural designs. Jens Martin Skibsted, design
philosopher and founder of Skibsted Ideation, is an ideas man, to put it
simply: a prolific, think-tank generator of new concepts for branding,
sustainability, and approaches to the problems and solutions of de
sign. A symbiotic hybrid of architecture, design, and ideation, to get
her KiBiSi have worked in a variety of disciplines, producing everything from
furniture and household objects to bicycles, aircrafts, and bespoke
designs for clients around the world. Their designs explore the
potential of crossbreeding elements or attributes from different
disciplines into new functional and aesthetic hybrids.


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